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Website Development

We provide high quality web-site development services for all your needs. We are focused on making a quality web-site for your business. We use the latest technologies in our projects to make sure to provide the best product. Including speed, quality, finesse, security and user accessibility.

We like to use WordPress for smaller projects as it's one of the easiest to use platforms for the end user but this doesn't mean we can't work with something else. Including Drupal or Joomla as well as Laravel, Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter, PyroCMS, Kohana, Django, Ruby on Rails or anything at all really!

As part of the modern society cell phones and tablets are indispensable. Thus having a product available for the mobile world is as important as having it for the web. That's why our team is dedicated in developing mobile-first web-sites as well as Android/iOS applications. We use the latest technologies to provide a seamless user experience throughout all devices.

Application Development

If you find yourself in need of a custom application but can't find the right team, well you've finally found US. We are the people that can provide a high quality product before the dead line and give you the best results. Depending on our task we use a wide variety of tools to give the best product to our customers. Mainly we use C/C++ (with the wxWidgets or Qt Framework), Java, C# or even Python to meet our clients demands.

Indeed the mobile world is one of the fastest growing world nowdays and NOT having an application for your product available to the end user is simply UNACCEPTABLE. This is why our team is a mobile first and you will recieve at the end a project that is mobile ready and can be accessed from web, phone or tablet. Our team can develop an external application for Android or iOs contact us to get a quote.

Our highly dedicated and creative team of designers is one of the best in the world at providing a design based on the client needs and requirements. Using the experience of several years our team can design everything from a Logo to a mobile app, including a web-site template, business cards, office supplies, and even personalized sticky notes.

Development, Implementation, Fixing, Updating, Maintaing we do it all. Either you need a web-site created from scratch or based on a CMS, be it WordPress or Laravel we will do it and be there to provide fixes, updates and maintenance through all stages of development. Don't know what this means? No problem. We provide tutorials and accessible explanation to each term!

Unlike other companies that provide similar services as us - we really do care! We are not just a team of people that are here to provide a product. We are here to provide a service. What that means we will be involved quite a lot in the post release of your project. We will track your analytics information, we will provide maintenance, updates, security updates and fixes. Conatct us for more details.

Our Works

But enough about us. Here are a few of our completed projects, feel free to browse, visit and even inquire about them!

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